about us

We are known to our clients as a breath of fresh air..

With creativity, constant technological advancements, training and just a hint of fun, Efex is positioned to offer you a comprehensive range of new media solutions. Be it an updatable website, graphic design, or a full brand management solution, our expertise ensures your satisfaction as it extends across a wide range of specialties encompassing internet technologies (updatable and e-commerce websites, email broadcasts and flash animated ads), photo manipulation, project and brand management and graphic design.

Our client base is solely built from word-of-mouth so you can be rest assured our clients are happy with our service and our products.

Our focus is on YOU - our clients - your success and satisfaction.

As such, we are committed to long term relationships, where our product guarantees your complete satisfaction now and in the future, through dynamic strategies, insightful information design, resourceful programming and intelligent content and systems integration, for all screen and print media platforms.